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Magnolia Bakery employees use Clair on-demand pay
Tim Hortons employees use Clair on-demand pay
DoubleTree employees use Clair on-demand pay
Everview employees use Clair on-demand pay
McCormicks employees use Clair on-demand pay


Comprehensive approach to financial wellness

Your employees already use the Clair banking app for access to banking services and free wage advances. With Clair and Clair for Employers, your employees will get access to benefits including:

Cash back on gas & groceries*

High Yield Savings Account**

Financial education and planning

Clair is a financial technology company, not a bank. Banking Services provided by Pathward, N.A.

Nearly all of my employees have signed up for Clair, and they keep telling me how much they love it. They’re telling me how it helps them pay for groceries and rent, how easy it is to use, and, most of all, how wage advances are free.

Anai Fonte, owner of DogTown, uses Clair on-demand pay

Anai Fonte

Owner of DogTown

While wage advances are free, certain other fees may apply depending on how users use their account.


Never manage a wage advance ever again

We'll disburse and collect wage advances. You won't even have to touch payroll.

No cost

No risk

No liability

How does Clair work?

I've loved my experience with Clair! It's been motivating for me to work more hours because of the immediate compensation. Getting my paycheck sooner than usual has been so helpful!

Brenda H.

Substitute teacher


Reap the benefits of a financially healthy workforce

When employees are less stressed about finances, they’re more productive and motivated at work

increase in job performance
stay longer in their jobs
of employees using Clair pick up more shifts
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Sources linked in footer***

Trusted by the best in HR Technology

Air General employee using on-demand pay

Air General

The joy of pure employee benefit - why Air General decided to offer Clair to their employees.

Owners of DogTown use Clair on-demand pay


Meet Anai Fonte, founder of DogTown, a dog hotel and groomer with three locations across Miami.

Chloe uses Clair on-demand pay to get free wage advances for everyday expenses

Chloe's Story

Follow a day in the life of Chloe, an actress and server, and see how she uses Clair in her day-to-day life.

The GNC team uses Clair on-demand pay for free wage advances

GNC Holdings, Inc.

Meet GNC Holdings franchise owner Benny Farzad and hear how Clair has impacted his business.


How does Clair work?
What do I need to do to set up Clair?
How does Clair work with payroll?
What risk and liability do I have?
How does Clair impact cash flow?
How much can employees advance?
How does Clair make money?
How secure is Clair?
Do time & attendance hours need to be approved for my employees to use Clair?

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